Unsalted Pistachios (No Shell) - The Nuttery
Unsalted Pistachios (No Shell) - The Nuttery
Unsalted Pistachios (No Shell) - The Nuttery

Unsalted Pistachios (No Shell)

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These unsalted pistachios are delicious and packed with protein, fiber and vitamins. What a gourmet treat for folks who don't want em salted! You won’t have to worry about the shells because there aren’t any on these Iranian pistachios. Great for baking, salads, or just exciting to snack on. 

Health Tips

1) Protein Powerhouse: Pistachios provide five grams of muscle-building protein per serving. This makes them a great post-workout snack after hitting the gym. Pistachios are a satisfying way to boost your energy levels throughout the day.

2) Rich in Fiber: Per serving, pistachios supply three grams of dietary fiber. The fiber found in these nuts can help control blood sugar levels, lower bad “LDL” cholesterol levels and support a healthy digestive system.

3) Heart-Healthy Fats: Pistachios are an excellent source of monounsaturated fatty acids, which is also helpful in protecting the cardiovascular system. Replacing saturated fat with monounsaturated fat can regulate blood sugar and cholesterol.

4) Mighty Minerals: These tasty de-shelled pistachios pack a wide range of minerals, from calcium and iron, to magnesium and potassium. All minerals play an important role in the body, so it’s important to get a variety of trace minerals in your diet.

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