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Pistachio Truffles & Nuts Gift box

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Pistachio Truffles & Nuts Gift box is curated luxury nutty and chocolaty treasure treat. Your loved ones are sure to love this collection of delectable treats we’ve curated especially for you!

Our Pistachio Truffles & Nuts Gift gift box features an assortment of our most beloved goodies and a few extra limited edition imported products


1x Deluxe Mixed Nuts (290g)

1x Devilled Cashew (100g)

1x Almond Truffles - Toasted Almonds coated with Pistachio flavoured white chocolate jar (190g)


Arranged in an elegant white box with Gold accents.

You can add a Greeting card as well

(choose your cards from our Greeting card collection)

If you need to change any of the items or add any extra items, just add a note to your order at the bottom of the cart or Drop us a Message on Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp: 0770501601. We're here to help you share the love this season!

Special Note/Instructions

Feel free to add any custom message, special instructions, notes or 'To - From' details in the ' Add a note to your order' section at the bottom of the shopping cart, we'll write them on the back of the card and add it to the box:

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T&C: Please note in case of gold gift boxes being unavailable, we will replace it with a silver box, and in the case of unavailability of the greeting card we'll replace it with a different one.

If you need any help we're here! Drop us a Message on Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp: 0770501601. We're here to help you share the love!